Trust. Confidence. Communication.

Do you want to feel desirable again?

Do you hate feeling misunderstood and unappreciated?

Feeling jaded, or justifying why you've checked out of your relationship?

Much Cheaper Than Divorce Course (For Couples)

A 7 Week Program To Reignite You and Your Partner. 

Our Clients Achieve:

  • Better communication!
  • Higher satisfaction with sex life!
  • Greater valuing and understanding of self!
  • Greater appreciation and understanding of partner!
  • Increased confidence (in self and in relationship)!
  • Less dreary days!
  • Less arguments / nagging !
Living With Conviction Course (For Individuals)

A 30 Day Course To Make You ROAR!

Our Clients Achieve:

  • Knowing their worth!
  • Better personal and professional opportunities!
  • Improved relationships!
  • Better balance!
  • Low tolerance of B.S.!
  • More fulfillment!
  • Greater satisfaction!
  • Fierce confidence!
All-In Elite

For The Serious.

Our Clients Achieve:

  • IMMEDIATE transformation
  • High level shifts in all areas of their life
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased happiness
  • Increased fulfillment
  • Greater access to opportunities
  • Better relationships
  • Better awareness and perception of self
  • Better habits / accountability


Natasha is available to speak at schools, corporations, nursing homes, and specialfunctions. All ages have their challenges. Were you or do you know someone who was:

Bullied - (called a slut, whore, fag, pussy, etc.?; told they were wrong for acting a certain way? We're going to blast out all those terms and re-frame those definitions.)

Demeaned/Disempowered - (Change in positions and being treated unfairly because of it/your gender? Balancing the power dynamic, learning new skills while under the scrutiny of coworkers, concerned about f***ing up? We are going to get your employees out of their own head, in order to be better leaders, communicators and producers.)

Is Aging - (things start to deteriorate/sag, harder to perform, losing control of bodily functions.. Hard to feel sexy, right? Let's help shift their mindset, and give some tips/tricks) 

Wants to Spread the Message - Maybe you're aware of the divide between men and women and cultures, and want to assist  - book me to craft a talk surrounding the issues you're noticing and giving the audience solutions to combat.


In-person and webinar workshops on empowerment. If you're not comfortable asking for what you want in the bedroom, chances are you are settling elsewhere as well.

We dive into why people think and act the way they do, and get aware of how to stop being in their own sh*t.

1-1 Coaching

You and I are meant to work together. You haven't owned or harnessed your true power. Through working with me, during a full one day intensive, you will: 

  • know and carry yourself with authority
  • command attention when you walk into the room
  • have the confidence and know-how to approach each situation with confidence and respect
  • discover and live in to your highest values and have a life you desire
  • shed your blocks: limiting and outdated beliefs, patterns, habits, mindsets

And finish with a colossal revolution of knowledge and confidence to implement that day forward.

it is time for you to ROAR.

About Us

Fix Your Life Solutions is an international company dedicated to assisting their clients in improving their personal and professional relationships through self-actualization, sexuality and/or nutrition coaching.

Is there a certain conversation you don't know how to have? 

In a personal or professional relationship, are you playing a role you are unfulfilled in?

Do you find yourself motivated for certain goals, but sabotaging yourself at the last moment? 

We specialize in being the bridge between where you are and where you want to be, in all relationships. Through working with us, our clients become fiercely confident, know how to conquer their self-sabotage, and be heard exactly in the way they want to be.

The Team

Natasha Wiebe

Gender bias, stereotyping, religious/cultural expectations, family and parental teachings, life experiences. All are factors and attribute to how and why we behave the way we do.

I grew up with very different values, traits, and expectations, in two opposite households, and have been described multiple times as a woman with a man's attitude. 

Men and women think and experience life differently - My goal is to #bridgethegap between sexes and countries, and assist my clients in acknowledging and validating their personal desires to enhance their communication and support of said desires.

I have done my certification through Erickson International College, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved institution.

You have something inside of you that wants to be explored.

An ambition, endeavor, fantasy, aspiration.

You told yourself it wasn’t possible.

You didn’t have people who believed in you or told you you could.

You don’t want to ask for it.

I am your answer in how you get it.

I am your bridge from there to success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact world unity through dissolving miscommunication and social constructs,

and in the process, bridge the gap between men and women and cultures. 

Who I've Worked With 

I have gotten to work with and surround myself with these brilliant minds: